New Falcon And Winter Soldier Teaser Features Argument About Wizards

Marvel has released a new teaser video for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and it’s a 30-second clip that largely features those titular characters arguing about wizards and whether “they’re a thing.” Perhaps more than any of the other more recent clips to get fans hyped for the new series, this new clip shared on Twitter best showcases the show’s tone and what to expect between all the great stunts and fights. Arriving on Disney+ on March 19, the next Marvel Cinematic Universe series will bring back the villain from Captain America: Civil War, Zemo.

This style of fun banter should serve as a great counter-balance to another of the show’s major thrusts, which, according to a recent release will be tackling important MCU questions such as, “How did Sam Wilson become Falcon? When was Bucky Barnes’s mind healed? What drove former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter underground?” Check out the new clip below.

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