Netflix’s Jupiter Legacy Will Get First Trailer Wednesday

Comics writer Mark Millar has taken to Twitter to announce that the first official trailer of the upcoming live-action Netflix adaptation of his series Jupiter’s Legacy will drop on Wednesday. The superhero series is expected to hit the streaming service on May 7, and also recently released its first images to further entice fans. Check out his to-the-point announcement and accompanying poster below.

“It’s part 2001, part Avengers, part Godfather II,” said Millar in a recent interview with Empire of the series. Jupiter’s Legacy, first published in 2013, was also described by Empire as a “sprawling superhero epic with an almost limitless ambition,” with Millar further anteing up by explaining that it’s a “50-year story self-contained inside one franchise… [with] 50 or 60 super-characters.”

As such, a concise summation of the superhero series seems implausible to even attempt–but the show’s official Netflix description explains that the show is about “the first generation of superheroes… as they pass the torch.” However, tensions flare and family bonds are tested as “the old rules no longer apply.”

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