Netflix wants to hide your kid’s next favorite show in a Mystery Box

Netflix has been losing a lot of subscribers lately — including original, long-term ones. To spark users’ dwindling interest in an app or service, companies resort to a number of strategies to win their loyalty back. These could include offering discounts or releasing sparkly new features that appeal to the indifferent masses. In Netflix’s case, the streaming giant is seemingly going for the latter strategy — quite literally. The company is releasing a new sparkly Mystery Box to users around the globe. This latest addition uses the surprise element to introduce children to shows and movies they might like. Expectedly, this Mystery Box is only visible in profiles associated with kids.

Netflix Mystery Box before reveal
Netflix Mystery Box after reveal

Kids are drawn to what they love — their favorite toys, foods, songs — and it’s hard to get them to try something new. So today, we’re launching a new mystery box feature on TVs around the world to provide a fun and safe space for kids to discover their next favorite series and films or reconnect with a familiar face — whether it’s a comedy series in a beloved franchise like Boss Baby: Back In The Crib or an animated adventure film featuring a whole new cast of lovable characters like Back to the Outback.

To access the new Netflix Mystery Box, follow the steps below:

  • Enter a Kids profile.
  • You will find the box in the Favorites Row at the top of the home page.
  • Hover over the sparkly Mystery Box to reveal the hidden title.

While this new addition is relatively minor, it still is a welcome change. Netflix rolled out a shuffle button a while back. It chooses a random show or movie for you from the company’s entire catalogue. The Mystery Box certainly has a similar vibe to that shuffle button — except that it’s for kids.

What do you think of Netflix’s new Mystery Box? Let us know in the comments section below.

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