Netflix Has The Best Original Content, According To 39% Of Americans

In a new 2021 survey, Wall Street analyst firm Morgan Stanley has confirmed something we already know: Netflix is popular. The results, which were reported by Variety, indicate 39% of respondents in the United States feel the streaming service most consistently offers the best original programming.

The survey also indicates that, again, like most Americans, respondents pay for 2.5 streaming-video services. That figure is reportedly up from 2.3 in 2020 and 1.8 in 2019, a figure that indicates a trend over streaming’s overall growing prominence–but it isn’t clear in the reported data what is meant by subscribing to a fraction of a service.

What is clearer is why Netflix has remained so viable for customers. Via Variety, the top reasons cited for subscribing to Netflix include “broad selection of content” (55%), “good original programming” (51%), “adds content I like” (49%), and “no commercials” (46%).

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