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Netflix Gets an Option to Let Users Kick Out Devices From Their Accounts

One of the best things about Netflix is that the same account can be used on several devices, including not only smart TVs but also phones and tablets.

Obviously, everybody knows how this feature is currently being used, as sharing the same account is something that’s happening all over the world.

As a side note, it’s believed Netflix is now working on dealing with this, and in the future, the company plans to prevent users from sharing the same account with others. In other words, if you and your friends are splitting the costs of a Netflix subscription, this option may no longer be available as the company plans to introduce new restrictions in this regard.

In the meantime, it looks like the company is adding new controls that pave the way for the introduction of such a controversial change.

Today, Netflix announced that users now have the necessary controls to easily kick others from their accounts. This comes in handy when a specific device is configured to u… (read more)

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