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Need for Speed Unbound Review (PS5)

Need for Speed is very likely the most popular racing game in the entire world, and after several more or less failed attempts to breathe new life into the franchise, the series finally ended up back on the map with the release of Heat.

Unbound promises to continue this trend, and at first glance, the mix it comes with sounds intriguing, to say the least. The new Criterion team, a touch of Codemasters, and the pure Need for Speed nostalgia helped EA push Unbound to a completely new level.

From the very beginning, Unbound made me feel like I was playing the Need for Speed from the golden era. The game boasts some sort of retro vibe, and if you’re not new to the series, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get a taste of it.

However, Unbound is trying to improve upon the Heat recipe with several risky decisions, and after playing nearly the entire campaign, I’m so glad they did it.

First of all, the art style that EA has implemented feels, well, unusual at fi… (read more)

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