Naughty Dog Says It Has No New Jak & Daxter Games Planned

Before it became one of Sony’s biggest first-party studios of the modern era with The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog continued to establish itself in the early 2000s with the Jak & Daxter series of platforming adventure games. Dormant since 2009, no new Jak & Daxter games are currently in development, but the property is still a beloved part of Naughty Dog’s history that it wishes it could revisit.

At the recent Academy of Interactive Arts & Science’s Game Maker’s Notebook series, co-president of Naughty Dog Evan Wells was asked by Insomniac’s Ted Price if the studio still receives requests from fans to create a new Jak & Daxter game.

“We do, in fact,” Wells replied (as transcribed by VGC) at the event. “We’ve had a couple of Twitter campaigns where people have been tweeting us every single day [saying] ‘I want a new Jak & Daxter, I want a new Jak & Daxter’, and they aren’t just simple 280-character tweets, they have Photoshopped memes and everything they’re including on a daily basis, and the effort has got to be significant.”

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