Narrative-Driven Strategy Game The Fabulous Fear Machine Coming to PC in 2022

AMC Games and Fictiorama Studios, the team behind Do Not Feed the Monkeys, have just announced their next project, The Fabulous Fear Machine, is coming to PC in Spring 2022. A narrative-driven game in which players must conquer the world through fear, The Fabulous Fear Machine combines social simulation with pulp horror roleplaying.

Additionally, teaming up with AMC Games and Fictiorama on the title is AMC Networks’ premium horror streaming service Shudder, whose expertise when it comes to horror genre will prove invaluable for the developers.

Described as a single-player, real-time strategy game with a retro horror comic style, The Fabulous Fear Machine puts players in the shoes of the “Master of the Machine.” To pursue their goals, players must generate and spread fear through the careful cultivation of various Legends, such as scary stories, urban myths, and conspiracy theories that lurk in the dark corners of the mind.

With this game we’re not just explor… (read more)

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