Name That Flick: Lucy Liu Edition

I’m glad you stopped by top see Lucy Liu in this film because she’s basically the only women in it. Usually that would bother me, but this film is full of degenerate characters, and while women certainly can be as lousy as the man next to them, if we’re doing representation I’ll save it for a film that isn’t chock full of knuckleheads.

That’s your hint.

If you’re playing this game for the first time, it’s a piece of cake. I list actors, you name the flick. That’s it. Some are harder than others. This one isn’t too bad. I think you’ll get it.

So, let’s have the rubber meet the road with the lovely Lucy Liu.

And Corey Stoll.

And Mykelti Williamson.

Some people already have it. I know some of you do. If you’re one of them? Bravo. I’m impressed. If not, let’s roll on with…

Danny Aiello.

And Robert Forster.

I know you want to say Jackie Brown. Nope. It’s not Jackie Brown, though it kinda/sorta might wish it was.

This is where the real giveaway actors come in. Ready?

Stanley Tucci.

Josh Hartnett.

(You know this, people! I know you know it!)

And then the final three to completely give it away.

Morgan Freeman.

Ben Kingsley.

And Bruce Willis.

Did you figure it out?

No you say?

Okay! The flick is…

Lucky Number Slevin!

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