Name That Flick: Jason Bateman Edition

Happy New Year! The holidays are over, so shake off that end-of-year haze and let’s get back to business. And by business I mean playing our favorite game here at The Gist, Name That Flick. The rules are simple: I name the actors, you guess the movie. Got it? Let’s go!

First up is the ever-popular star of screens big and small, Jason Bateman.

Next we have the lovely and talented Amanda Peet.

And the late, great Charles Grodin.

Let’s add Jason Bateman’s doppelganger, Paul Rudd.

Got it yet? No? Let’s keep going.

Amy Poehler.

Romany Malco.

And Donal Logue.

Any ideas? Is it on the tip of your tongue? Maybe these last few will help.

Mia Farrow.

Multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams.

Funnyman Fred Armisen.

This cast is bananas, y’all! Still don’t know it? Here we go, the final two:

Josh Charles

…and Zach Braff.

And the flick is The Ex!

The Ex

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