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Mozilla Releases Firefox 106.0.4 With New Fixes

Mozilla continues the work on Firefox, and today, the company has shipped another update for the browser. It’s the fourth minor revision for version 106, and needless to say, it is specifically focused on bug fixes.

Mozilla explains in the official release notes that Firefox 106.0.4 comes with three fixes, one of which resolves a crash that some users encountered when playing certain media.

Here are the three fixes, as shared by Mozilla:

  • Fixed an issue with DRM Video playback (bug 1797292).
  • Fixed broken layout of datetime input when switching types (bug 1797139).
  • Fixed a crash experienced by some users during media playback (bug 1792115).

All improvements that were part of Firefox 106

Other than that, it’s the same Firefox 106 that Mozilla launched on October 18 and which comes with so many new features.

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