Mozilla Firefox 85 Will Include an Option to Import Data from Password Managers

Mozilla is working on adding more password import options in the next version of Firefox, and according to a new report, the browser will soon be able to get data from password managers as well.

Using a password manager has become mandatory these days, as this is pretty much the only convenient way to stick with complex and unique phrases to protect our accounts. And right now, there are plenty of password managers out there offering extra convenience, including not only local storage and strong encryption but also cross-platform support to take your passwords with you wherever you go.

Needless to say, Firefox is one of the browsers supporting the adoption of more secure technologies, so Mozilla is now working on making its app play nice with password managers too.

So the upcoming Firefox 85, which is scheduled to go live on January 26, will come with support for importing passwords from at least two password managers, namely KeePass and Bitwarden.

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