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Mozilla Firefox 104 Now Available for Download

Mozilla has released a new major update for Firefox browser, bringing the app to version 104 on all desktop platforms where it is available.

Firefox 104 therefore comes with lots of improvements, including support for subtitles when watching Disney+ in the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Furthermore, the profiler now provides power usage information per each website on Apple M1 devices and Windows 11 computers.

Mozilla says it has also included improvements for scrolling, as well as a new approach that reduces the footprint on system performance when the browser is minimized.

“Firefox now supports both the scroll-snap-stop property as well as re-snapping. You can use the scroll-snap-stop property’s always and normal values to specify whether or not to pass the snap points, even when scrolling fast. Re-snapping tries to keep the last snap position after any content/layout changes. The Firefox UI itself will now be throttled for performance and battery usage when minimize… (read more)

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