Mozilla Firefox 100 Now Available for Download

Firefox has just reached another milestone, as version 100 is now available for download on all supported desktop platforms.

Needless to say, given it’s such a big release, Firefox 100 comes with lots of improvements, including support for captions or subtitles on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix when watching the videos in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Mozilla says that beginning with this version, when you run the browser for the first time, Firefox automatically checks the language that’s enabled on your device. And if it doesn’t match the language of the browser, the app can automatically prompt the user to choose between the two languages and therefore decide which one to use.

The built-in spell checker also does its magic in multiple languages starting with this update, and users can enable this behavior from the text field’s context menu.

Lots of other improvements

There are also additional video improvements for Windows and Mac.

“Hardware a… (read more)

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