Mortal Kombat Movie Aims To Have The Best Fight Scenes Ever On Film

The director of the Mortal Kombat movie is promising that the video game adaptation will feature some epic fight scenes befitting of the Mortal Kombat name.

Simon McQuoid–an Australian commercials director who makes his feature directorial debut with Mortal Kombat–told Collider that the goal was to create the best fight scenes ever committed to film.

“The fights themselves, what we’ve attempted to do… is to innovate within,” he said. “To drive character forward and story forward within the fight. So we spent a lot of time on that. The fight team are incredible on this movie. The first thing I said to Kyle [Gardiner], who is the stunt coordinator, he runs the whole thing, I said to him, ‘Ok Kyle, we have to make the best fights that have ever been on film. So, no pressure.’ … But it was really about building character and story within the fight itself so it didn’t just feel like a plugin. It actually felt like part of the scene and part of the act.”

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