Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review (PS4)

Kids from the 90s will have fond memories related to some underrated American sports such as wrestling or monster truck racing. While the former grew into a yearly video games franchise, the latter almost completely disappeared from the gamer’s radar. So no worries if you have not heard about Monster Jam Steel Titans, the second iteration of the series will make sure you did not miss out on anything.

The first game developed by Rainbow Studios and launched in 2019 tried to bring back the charms of this hobby that can be called a sport only by a long stretch of the imagination. The game was so well made that most of us did not actually hear about it. The main problem was not the theme of the game, but the final product missing a lot of essential characteristics of rumbling at the wheel of immensely oversized toy cars. THQ Nordic promises a better experience the second time around so let’s see what Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 brings to the garage.

Although you may exp… (read more)

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