Monster Hunter Rise Guide: Essential Beginner And Advanced Tips

Thanks to its complex systems and traditionally convoluted interface, the Monster Hunter series has a reputation for being dense and uninviting. Although Monster Hunter Rise streamlines many elements of the series to make it more welcoming than previous installments, it can still be a bit overwhelming, particularly for greenhorn hunters who are just jumping in for the first time. If you’re new to Monster Hunter, we’ve rounded up some beginner tips to help you out in Monster Hunter Rise, as well as a few advanced tips to keep in mind once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics.

Beginner Tips

Village Quests Vs. Hub Quests

As in previous Monster Hunter games, there are two paths of progression in Monster Hunter Rise: Village Quests and Hub Quests. If you’re new to the series, it’s important to know the difference between these before you begin your adventure.

Village Quests are Monster Hunter Rise’s “story” missions. You accept these from Hinoa in central Kamura Village and complete them to advance through the narrative. These missions can only be played solo and are designed to acclimate you to the game, so you can think of Village Quests as Monster Hunter Rise’s single-player mode.

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