Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting A Free Update And New DLC

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that Minecraft Dungeons is getting new DLC and a free update later this month, and both are going to add some interesting stuff to the game. The paid DLC is called Flames of the Nether, and it will take players to that lava-filled core, where they will take on the toughest challenges in the game yet.

The DLC will add six new missions, as well as two skins and a Baby Ghast pet. On the free side of things, the upcoming update will add Ancient Hunts to the game, a new feature that introduces procedurally-generated endgame missions that take place both in and out of the Nether. It sounds like this is the only way that players can get the best gear in the game–the so-called Gilded tier–so die-hards will definitely want to check that out. You’ll also receive a new currency called Gold, which can be traded with a merchant in your camp.

Both the free update and the Flames of the Nether DLC will come to Minecraft Dungeons on February 24. No price has been announced for the DLC, but it’ll probably be $6 like the previous packs. Minecraft Dungeons got cross-play and fresh DLC late last year, so you can play it with your friends on other consoles. If you’re still wondering what a Creeper tastes like, there’s a Minecraft cereal out in the wild these days.

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