Midnight Protocol Review (PC)

Is the dagger subroutine more important than the cloak? Is sniffing all nodes worth it? Should I leech cash or is it better to steal as much as possible at a time? Is it bad to become a black hat when the world is crumbling? Being a hacker involves a lot of dilemmas. There are no simple answers but there are well-laid plans. And there are situations where improvisation becomes crucial, as well as making decisions without full information. ICE and tracing are big threats, but social pressure and future shock are even bigger potential problems in Midnight Protocol.

The title is developed by LuGus Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. I played it on Steam on the PC. It is centered around hacking mechanics and a cyberpunkish atmosphere, with some solid story moments.

Players become Data, a capable hacker who has had the misfortune of being detained by the police after identifying data was made public by a rival. There is not enough evidence to actually convict … (read more)

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