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Microsoft’s Physical Copies of Windows 11 Actually Come With Windows 10 Logos

If you’ve already installed Windows 11, you probably know that in many ways, the operating system feels like a work-in-progress.

And at some level, this makes sense, especially given Microsoft’s famous concept of Windows as a Service. But on the other hand, there are parts of the OS that feel unfinished or outdated, though the company is working as we speak on overhauling every little corner of Windows 11 and giving it the modern facelift it needs.

But as it turns out, the operating system itself isn’t the only one that occasionally comes with Windows 10 remnants.

It might sound like a big surprise for many, but Microsoft is also selling physical copies of Windows 11. Of course, it’s much more convenient to buy Windows 11 online, but if you really need to install the OS on a computer without Internet access and you don’t want to mess with media creation, maybe this option comes in handy.

Windows 11 now in the broad availability stage

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