Microsoft Word on the Web Can Now Convert a Document into a Presentation

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Word on the Web, allowing users to convert a typical document into a presentation with just a few clicks.

Before anything, however, worth knowing is that this feature isn’t available for all, as it required a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Using it only comes down to a few clicks, as Microsoft has made the process as straightforward as possible.

For example, just open the document that you want to turn into a presentation in Word for the web, and then in the File menu, click on Export and you should see a new option called Export to PowerPoint presentation.

IE and Safari not supported

The feature will then ask you to choose a theme for the presentation, and before the file is saved, you are provided with a quick preview. The presentation is eventually saved in the OneDrive root folder for the account used to open Word for the web.

“This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to save you tim… (read more)

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