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Microsoft to Launch a New Windows 10 Feature Update Next Month

While all eyes are currently on Windows 11, most people running a modern version of Microsoft’s operating system are actually on Windows 10.

However, it’s not a secret that many would actually upgrade to Windows 11. But the updated system requirements of Microsoft’s new OS got them stuck with Windows 10, so they have no other option than to hope the software giant will continue to show some love for the old version.

The company has already promised to continue supporting Windows 10 until October 2025, and now it’s also confirming that a new feature update is just around the corner.

Windows 10 to receive updates for three more years

According to the official announcement, the rollout would start in October, and once again, it will take place in stages to devices across the world.

“For customers who are using a device that is not eligible fo… (read more)

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