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Microsoft Teams Now Fully Optimized for Apple Silicon

This took a while, but it’s probably better late than never. Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams is ready to run natively on Apple Silicon, therefore making the most of the new processors in terms of power efficiency and performance boosts.

While a preview version of Microsoft Teams optimized for Apple Silicon has been around for a while (and it has also received updates regularly), Microsoft says the rollout to production devices is taking place gradually.

Obviously, as compared to the public preview, this is the final version that should feel a lot more polished overall, with no major bugs likely to be encountered.

“We heard from our customers who use Mac with Apple silicon that they want Teams to be optimized for their devices. We are rolling out a production grade universal binary version of Teams, which means it will run natively on the entire Mac lineup, including those with Apple silicon. For Mac users, this means a significant boost in performance… (read more)

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