Microsoft Teams is getting new mute controls, calling experience

Microsoft Teams appears to be getting two new features in the latest update. The first new addition is improved mute controls that will give presenters/organizers greater control over who is able to speak during a meeting.

Microsoft Teams update is making it easier to mute the audio of a single attendee. After the update, you can select the name of the person and tap on the “…” option to open the action menu. In the menu, you’ve to choose the “Don’t allow to unmute” option. This option will offer greater flexibility and granularity when managing the meeting.

In our tests, we observed that the feature is already live in the production channel of Microsoft Teams. For most users, it still seems to be rolling out gradually and it will be enabled on desktop and mobile version of Teams.

New calling experience coming to Microsoft Teams

In December, Microsoft announced new calling capabilities for Microsoft Teams. This includes new spam detection, call transfer, streamlined calling UI, and more.

For both Windows and macOS, Microsoft is moving the whole calling experience (features) to a single location. After the next update, you can find the contacts page, call history, settings, and dial pad in one single location. The feature can benefit users who often use Teams’ calling capabilities but are unable to locate the advanced features.

Microsoft Teams new call UI

Overall, these changes will streamline the calling experience on Teams.

Microsoft Teams’ new calling experience will begin rolling out to users in May, but you can join the preview channels to test the feature today.

In May, Microsoft Teams is also expected to receive native notifications support on macOS, a new sharing experience, Dynamic View, Large meeting support, HDMI Wired Ingest on Teams Android, and more.

For Chrome and Edge users, Microsoft is said to be working on a new large gallery and together mode to improve the web meetings.

It’s important to note that most of these features were planned for April rollout and they’ve been delayed for unknown reasons.

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