Microsoft Teams Gets a Really Welcome Feature for New Chats

Microsoft is working non-stop on refining the experience with Microsoft Teams, and even better is the company is focusing on absolutely all fronts at the same time.

So while it’s also developing new big features, Microsoft wants to polish Microsoft Teams in all regards, so it’s also working on smaller improvements and performance optimizations under the hood.

This time, what the company introduced is a small new feature that many are going to absolutely love.

This is because it allows users to open new chats in their very own dedicated windows from the very beginning, all without the need for any extra steps.

New chats in dedicated windows

Microsoft Teams already supported dedicated windows for the chats you created, but on the other hand, the implementation was necessarily the most convenient.

This is because users had to create a new chat, which was launched in the main window of the application, and only then they could just unpin this windo… (read more)

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