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Microsoft SwiftKey for iPhone Is Not Dead

If you live in the United States, you probably believe that Apple’s iPhone keyboard is just perfect and no further improvements are needed.

But in reality, the default iPhone keyboard is a huge mess and offers a horrible experience in any other language than English US – and to be honest, I think that it’s far behind the likes of SwiftKey and Gboard even with this language setting as well.

But when Microsoft announced earlier this year that it plans to kill off SwiftKey, learning to live with the awful iPhone keyboard was for many, myself included, the only way to go.

First and foremost, SwiftKey is by far the best keyboard app out there, not only on iPhone but also on Android. So Microsoft’s announcement came as a big shock for many, again myself included.

“We are ending support for Microsoft SwiftKey iOS. Thank you for being a user of our product. Please visit for details on how to manage your data. The app will be delisted from the App Store … (read more)

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