Microsoft Surface Duo 3 Likely to Launch in 2023

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, here’s something you didn’t expect to hear about Microsoft.

The software giant is now an Android device manufacturer, and in fact, the company’s very own device running Google’s mobile operating system is already at its second generation.

Called Microsoft Surface Duo, this device comes with a dual-screen form factor, therefore allowing the use in multiple modes, including phone and tablet.

And given the second-generation Duo is already on the market, it makes sense for Microsoft to already work on the next model. Naturally, many people expected the software giant to come up with third-generation Surface Duo in 2022, but as it turns out, this won’t be the case.

No Surface Duo refresh in 2022

According to a report from WindowsCentral, Microsoft will not release a new Surface Duo next year, whi… (read more)

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