Microsoft Store to Allow Third-Party Browser with Their Own Engines

The debut of Windows 11 is the perfect occasion for Microsoft to also introduce some pretty big updates for the Microsoft Store as well, including a new policy regarding browsers.

Beginning with this refresh, the Microsoft Store will allow third-party browsers with their very own engines, unlike other stores that require browsers to use the native engine available on the platform.

“In June, we updated our policies for browser apps, enabling developers to bring their own browser engines (instead of relying on the OS’ web platform) and continue to innovate with their user experience. Today we are welcoming two browsers, joining Microsoft Edge in the Microsoft Store on Windows: Opera and Yandex Browser,” Microsoft says.

Third-party app stores

In addition, Microsoft says it will also allow other app stores to be listed in the Microsoft Store, including the Amazon and the Epic Games Store.

The Amazon Appstore will be used by Microsoft to provide easy… (read more)

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