Microsoft Shows Why Windows 11 Is So Much Faster than Windows 10

With Windows 11 just around the corner, it makes for Microsoft to begin the marketing offensive for the new operating system, and this week, the company has rolled out a video to discuss how it substantially improved the performance versus Windows 10.

In other words, these are the reasons why Windows 11 is so much faster than Windows 10, even on the same hardware.

Steve Dispensa, VP of Enterprise Management at Microsoft, explains that it all comes down to a series of changes under the hood that combines prioritizing apps and processes, reducing disk footprint, and also various app optimizations, all supposed to make Windows 11 feel faster overall.

Foreground windows are always prioritized, Microsoft says, so the app in focus is supposed to run smoother no matter what.

Microsoft says it has also made Windows Update substantially faster, as only the necessary files are downloaded, which means the packages that end up on your computer can be even some 40 percent sma… (read more)

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