Microsoft Reveals Strong Q3 Results, Cloud Once Again King

Microsoft has revealed its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022, and unsurprisingly, both revenue and the net income went up significantly.

Microsoft says its revenue increased 18% to $49.4 billion, while the operating income jumped 19% to $20.4 billion. The net income was $16.7 billion, which represents an increase of 8%.

The Productivity and Business Processes unit managed to post a 17% growth, and the highlight is the massive 34% increase recorded by LinkedIn. Office consumer products also performed very well, with Microsoft claiming Microsoft 365 now has 58.4 million subscribers.

When it comes to the More Personal Computing division, the 11% increase means it recorded $14.5 billion in revenue. Windows OEM revenue increased 11%, while Surface revenue went up 13%.

All-in on the cloud

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella obviously praised the company’s cloud offering.

“Going forward, digital technology will be the key input… (read more)

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