Microsoft Resolves the “Over 100%” Battery Bug in Windows 11

If your device has already been updated to Windows 11 and the battery level sometimes shows a percentage that’s well above 100%, well, you’re not alone.

Several other users have come across the same weird glitch, with Windows 11 claiming that the battery level was substantially higher than 100 percent, just like their battery got super-powers.

Of course, this was inaccurate, and everything happened due to a bug in Windows 11, with Microsoft now delivering a fix in the latest preview build.

That’s right, Windows 11 build 22523, which is the latest preview build that Microsoft ships to users enrolled in the Windows Insider program, resolves this problem, though the fix is yet to roll out to production devices.

“The battery icon tooltip should no longer unexpectedly show a percent above 100,” Microsoft explains.

Additional fixes in this build

At the same time, Microsoft has also introduced fixes for several other problems in Windows 11, including … (read more)

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