Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Build 22610

Microsoft has just released another Windows 11 preview build, and the good news is the same update is live for both the Dev and the Beta channels.

In other words, Windows 11 build 22610 still allows users to switch channels without having to start from scratch. Once the two channels are provided with different builds, such a switch is no longer possible.

This new build comes with several notable changes, including the drop of the SMB1 client in the Home version. Furthermore, Microsoft says it has removed the tablet-oriented taskbar that it previously introduced in another Windows 11 build.

“As a result of feedback from Windows Insiders, we have disabled the tablet-optimized taskbar feature that first began rolling out to Windows Insiders in Build 22563 for now. We hope to bring this feature back in the future after further refinement of the experience. As we’ve mentioned previously, features we try out in the Dev or Beta Channels may not always ship,” the company … (read more)

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