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Microsoft Releases a New Microsoft Edge Dev Update

Microsoft has just released a new Microsoft Edge Dev build, and just as expected, it comes with several goodies, including new features and bug fixes.

First and foremost, it’s worth knowing that the new release is version 105.0.1336.2, and of course, given it’s part of the Dev channel, it’s only supposed to be used for testing and nothing more. In other words, while it seems to be running pretty smoothly, you shouldn’t use it as your daily driver.

According to the official changelog, the update includes a new feature for Narrator, as the app can now announce the banner on the Learn more link in Microsoft Edge.

The second new feature is support for a new Chromium management policy that allows IT admins to control if the Unthrottled Nested Timeout is enabled or not. Microsoft, however, says this will be deprecated in the future, but no further … (read more)

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