Microsoft Pulls Notepad for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

Microsoft has decided to remove the Microsoft Store version of Notepad for Windows 10, instead choosing to focus on the native version that’s already bundled into the operating system.

Back in the summer, Microsoft replaced the built-in Notepad app with a Microsoft Store sibling that allowed the company to ship updates at a faster pace. The native Notepad app is typically updated though feature updates that are released for Windows 10 twice a year.

More frequent automatic updates for Notepad make sense especially given the number of improvements the application has received in the latest Windows 10 feature updates. But at the same time, there’s a good chance that the Microsoft Store adoption stats might have indicated that moving Notepad to this distribution platform could eventually be the wrong way to go, as a substantial number of users could end up running older versions of the software as they don’t use the store in the first place.

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