Microsoft Proves Fixing a Surface Laptop SE Isn’t Rocket Science – Video

Fixing a laptop isn’t necessarily a job for the Average Joe, but Surface devices, in particular, have been a nightmare to repair anyway.

Things have improved a lot lately, and Microsoft now wants to show everybody how easy it is to repair the Surface Laptop SE using a special video created in this regard.

In other words, Microsoft wants to highlight all the changes it’s made on the Surface Laptop SE, as it wants the device to sport replaceable components from the very beginning.

It goes without saying given this is a device aimed at students and educators, though Microsoft says it’s always better to seek professional assistance if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“Surface Laptop SE has replaceable components, including the keyboard, display, and battery. Watch Branden demonstrate how to take the device apart with minimal tools. Microsoft recommends that you seek professional assistance for device repairs and that you use caution if undertaking “do it yourself” r… (read more)

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