Microsoft Outlook Makes Scheduling Meetings Really Convenient

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Microsoft Outlook on mobile devices that make scheduling meetings a really pain-free experience.

And it’s all because the whole thing now uses a smart capability that allows Outlook to look for the right slot for both you and your attendees, all in an attempt to let you know exactly when the meeting can be scheduled.

In other words, Outlook can now pick the right time for the meeting based on the available slots for everybody supposed to participate, so you no longer have to check with everybody if a specific timeframe is right.

“Sometimes, it’s convenient to delegate scheduling your meetings to an assistant but others, you want to have a little more control on the specific time that is allotted for a meeting. For those times, Outlook can help you choose the right time for you – even if you have a previous commitment,” Microsoft explains in an announcement this week.

Going live this month

If Outlook can’… (read more)

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