Microsoft Open-Sources the Classic 3D Movie Maker

Microsoft open-sources old projects from time to time, and now it’s the turn of an app that many people forgot existed in the first place (in the case of the younger generation, they may not even know this little app was a thing back in the day).

The classic 3D Movie Maker is a piece of software that looks ridiculous right now, but in 1995, it was quite a sensation.

As you can easily figure out by simply reading its name, the app offered a way to mess with 3D objects and then create videos, and given this happened in 1995, you can imagine how advanced the whole thing was considered to be.

Fast forward to 2022, and here’s Microsoft deciding to make the project open source and therefore give everybody access to the code.

It goes without saying 3D Movie Maker may not even run on some newer computers, but even so, getting access to the source code of this app is something that devs might actually really enjoy.

Oldie but goldie

The decision to open-… (read more)

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