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Microsoft OneDrive to Drop Support for iOS 14

OneDrive is one of Microsoft’s most popular iOS applications, and the software giant rolls out new updates on a regular basis.

The most recent version, however, comes with something a little bit unexpected for iPhone users: a warning that iOS 14 will soon no longer be supported.

More specifically, the update to version 13.42.4 warns users that unless the device runs iOS 15 or later, OneDrive would no longer receive updates.

“We would like to let our users know that we are planning on dropping support for iOS and iPadOS 14 soon. OneDrive will continue to support the current version of iOS/iPadOS (16) and the one immediately before that, iOS/iPadOS 15,” Microsoft explains.

iOS 16 launched in September

The announcement doesn’t come as a big surprise, as most developers also support the latest two stable versions of iOS as well.

iOS 16 launched in September as one of the big… (read more)

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