Microsoft Officially Announces the Microsoft Teams Intelligent Speakers

Microsoft Teams is a service whose adoption skyrocketed in the last 12 months or so, and it’s all as a result of the working trends changing completely and more people staying in touch with co-workers remotely because of an obvious reason.

The latest statistics show Microsoft Teams now has over 115 million daily active users, so Microsoft is trying to improve the service on all possible fronts.

And these include not only in terms of software, with new features and even a new client that’s currently in the works, but also as far as the hardware is concerned.

This week at Ignite, Microsoft officially announced the Microsoft Teams Intelligent speakers, which are specifically created for Microsoft Teams and are able to make a difference between the voice of up to 10 people.

Several privacy controls

Created in collaboration with a couple of partners, the new speakers come with several privacy controls, and Microsoft emphasizes users can disable attri… (read more)

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