Microsoft Makes Fun of Apple’s MacBook Air in New Video

Surface Laptop 4 is part of Microsoft’s new-generation Surface lineup, and naturally, the company has started the marketing push to make sure the device gets the attention it deserves.

And just as expected, the Redmond-based software giant does what it’s been doing quite a lot lately: it pokes fun at Apple’s products, which so many people are considering alternatives to Surface PCs.

More specifically, this time Microsoft compares the Surface Laptop 4 with Apple’s MacBook Air, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this story before because the company uses the same things to show just how great its new device really is compared to the competition.

So Microsoft reminds everyone the Surface Laptop 4 comes with a touchscreen (when the MacBook Air of course doesn’t), it features multiple USB connection options whereas Apple forces buyers to get a dongle, and it lets people play games just like on their PCs.

The new Surface Laptop 4

The new Surface Laptop … (read more)

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