Microsoft Launches the Surface Pro 8 with LTE

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 is the latest and greatest in terms of Surface Pro models, and earlier today, the company made it even better for those who want only new-generation features.

The software giant today announced a Surface Pro 8 with LTE, and while this is good news for people who seek on-the-go Internet access, the bad news is the device is only aimed at business customers.

The LTE upgrade is available on several configurations, and if you want to purchase the most affordable version, it costs $1,349 and comes with an Intel Core i5 chip paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage.

Surface Pro 8 configurations

Interestingly, the cheapest Surface Pro 8 with LTE (which surprisingly came with 1TB SSD storage and an Intel Core i7 chip at just $1,299) is already listed as out of stock on the Microsoft Store in the United States, so you therefore have to pick a more expensive version.

The most expensive version with LTE still available right now c… (read more)

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