Microsoft Goes All-in on SHA-2 for All Its Services

Microsoft has recently announced that all of its services would make the switch to the more secure SHA-2 algorithm next month.

In other words, all Microsoft processes and services, including TLS certificates, code signing, and file hashing, would rely on SHA-2 exclusively beginning May 9, with the company to let the SHA-1 Trusted Root Certificate Authority expire.

Of course, it’s not difficult to see why this is happening. SHA-1 is no longer the most secure algorithm currently available, so making the switch to SHA-2 was just a matter of time.

In fact, the Redmond-based software giant is already using SHA-2 for several essential services, including Windows updates, which are all signed with this algorithm starting 2019. Furthermore, Windows signed SHA-1 content has already been pulled from the Microsoft Download Center.

“The SHA-1 hash algorithm has become less secure over time because of the weaknesses found in the algorithm, increased processor performance, and… (read more)

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