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Microsoft Gives Up on the Team Supposed to Make Consumers Love the Company

Many accused Microsoft of becoming an enterprise-focus company, and in many ways, this wasn’t necessarily wrong.

The investments in products like cloud services, Azure, LinkedIn, Microsoft 365, and so on, all proved Microsoft was increasing the focus on enterprise products for a very simple reason: these are the ones that bring home the bacon.

And without a doubt, Microsoft’s strategy worked like a charm, especially because these products have recorded huge growth, especially in the last couple of years.

However, the Redmond-based software giant didn’t want to leave consumers behind, so back in 2018, the company formed a division called Modern Life Experiences whose role was as simple as it could be: to win back consumers and make them love Microsoft again.

With nearly 200 employees, this division was in charge of the consumer side of Microsoft’s products, and in some ways, all these efforts have been working very well. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Surface, Xb… (read more)

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