Microsoft Garage Launches Journal, an App Making Ink Feel More Natural

Working with a pen has become something a lot more common these days, especially now that we connect with each other remotely and turning to alternative input methods is much easier.

Microsoft Garage has come up with a brilliant idea that makes the ink-first experience the core of everything, turning a simple activity like writing with a pen something that’s a lot easier in the digital world.

Called Journal, the new project is powered by AI and comes with a feature lineup that you’re going to love.

First and foremost, the app comes with gestures that make it incredibly easy to erase and select ink without having to choose another mode. In other words, the whole thing is a lot more convenient and faster now, and honestly, I can’t believe no one else invented such an approach until now.

Available on Windows 10 today

Journal comes with a page-based canvas for scrolling, and it is optimized for both tablets and 2-in-1 devices. And speaking of scroll… (read more)

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