Microsoft Explains Why Its Services Went Down Last Week

Multiple Microsoft services went down last week, and in a detailed explanation of the outage, the Redmond-based software giant explains it was all caused by an error affecting Azure DNS.

More specifically, the outage, which lasted almost 40 minutes, happened on April 1, and Microsoft says it was all labeled as a service availability issue.

In other words, customers trying to connect to Microsoft servers were unable to resolve domain names, and this in turn made it impossible to load the services completely. Microsoft explains that all services returned to normal a little over a year later.

“Azure DNS servers experienced an anomalous surge in DNS queries from across the globe targeting a set of domains hosted on Azure. Normally, Azure’s layers of caches and traffic shaping would mitigate this surge. In this incident, one specific sequence of events exposed a code defect in our DNS service that reduced the efficiency of our DNS Edge caches,” the company read more)

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