Microsoft Edge Will Let Users Block Auto-Playing Media by Default

Microsoft Edge is rapidly evolving to become one very popular browser, not only on Windows, but on other platforms too.

And because the number of users keeps growing and growing, Microsoft too wants to polish the experience with the browser, and this means the company plans not only to add new features but also to refine the existing ones.

In the future, Microsoft Edge is projected to receive a new option that would allow users to enable blocking of auto-playing media in the browser, and to be honest, this is quite a must-have on the web right now.

If you spend most of your time on the web and in the browser, you probably know how annoying automatic playing media really is. Especially when you have a ton of tabs open at the same time and you can’t figure out which one is playing the media, interrupting your music or whatever you’re doing in the app.

New flag in the Canary build

Microsoft is actively working on dealing with this, so the most rece… (read more)

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