Microsoft Edge Tab Search Feature Possibly Just Around the Corner

As we know already, Microsoft is working 24/7 to improve Microsoft Edge browser (the Chromium one, not the legacy version it’s killing off later this year), and the company is working on adding new capabilities, some inspired by Google Chrome, currently the world’s number one Chromium-powered browser.

One of the upcoming addition to the Edge feature arsenal is tab search, a new tool that allows users to quickly search for a specific tab in the browser.

In case you’re wondering who needs this, the answer is as simple as it could be: most of us.

The new feature could be enabled by default rather sooner than later

Tab support is one of the most important features of a modern browser, and needless to say, many of us are pushing it to the limit by opening more and more and more tabs at the same time in one session.

It’s not a secret that some people never close tabs, and this is why they end up with tens or maybe hundreds of them running in the brows… (read more)

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