Microsoft Edge Surf Game Now Available on Android

Microsoft has officially announced that the Surf game bundled with Microsoft Edge is now available on Android devices running the Canary version of the browser.

The Surf game, which also comes pre-loaded with the desktop version of Edge, can be played even without an Internet connection, and can be easily launched by simply typing the following command in the address bar:


The same command also works on desktop devices.

“Android Insiders, we have a special surprise for you today! In Canary channel version 95.0.1002.0, you may find a certain page that was a feature ask early on in our mobile app development.
(Spoilers: Head to edge://surf on Android Canary TODAY!!)” Microsoft announced on Twitter.

The Surf game in Edge browser

The Surf game was officially released for insiders running the testing builds of Microsoft Edge back in February 2020, and later the same year, it made its way to the stable builds of the browser beginn… (read more)

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