Microsoft Edge Officially Gets an Extensions Menu

One of the benefits of the migration to the Chromium engine for Microsoft Edge is that users can now install extensions built for Google Chrome too.

And needless to say, many of us run more than one extension in the browser, and in some cases, having all of them on the browser toolbar next to the address bar makes the UI pretty cluttered.

I currently have four extensions displayed in the toolbar and the address bar is substantially reduced when running the browser on half of the screen, and without a doubt, the experience gets even worse with a bigger number of add-ons.

Feature currently rolled out to testers

This is the reason Microsoft has developed a dedicated extensions menu that groups all add-ons under one roof, thus saving precious space on the toolbar.

“If you have several extensions installed on your browser, these extension icons take up considerable space on your toolbar. We have received significant feedback from the users asking for… (read more)

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