Microsoft Edge for Xbox Currently in Testing

Microsoft is betting big on Microsoft Edge in the long term, and one of the benefits of the migration to the Chromium engine is the cross-platform support.

In other words, Edge is no longer limited to Windows 10, as it’s also offered to users on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, and even Linux. And needless to say, Microsoft has also launched mobile versions for Android and iPhone, so at the first glance, the lineup is complete.

But it’s not, as Microsoft also wants to bring Edge to Xbox consoles. The latest Xbox Alpha build includes Edge browser, thus providing users with a modern way to browse the web on their consoles.

With support for Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft Edge is currently lacking mouse and keyboard compatibility, so if you browse the web on your console, you need to do it with the Xbox controller.

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